Swordsman Financial
4817 - 48 Street
Red Deer, Alberta
T4N 1S6
Tel: 403-340-3403
Toll free: 888-318-0303
Fax: 403-346-3754

The Swordsman Financial mission statement simply reads:

Help the client meet or exceed their financial goals.

A client centered focus ensures that, service which is the cornerstone of a good business, is of key importance in everything done.

To properly meet the needs of clients may require the skills of various professionals, and through alliances with select associates, you will benefit from a much greater range of knowledge, and variety of services.

Independance ensures that clients are not pushed into one specific product line or offering, but have many options and methods to choose from.

The name Swordsman Financial was derived from the passion for the sport of fencing, held by founder Norman Wiebe; who can be found at the local fencing club, volunteering his time teaching the sport of fencing.

The traditions of honour and good etiquette, permeate the activities at Swordsman Financial.

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